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During WWII, work at Junghans turned to the production of cockpit clocks (including that of the Junkers Ju 52 transporter) as well as complicated fuse systems - a line of work that gave rise to the offshoot Junghans Microtec GmbH, now owned by the Diehl military equipment group and only recently relocated from Schramberg.

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Model of the Luftwaffe cockpit clock during WWII.

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The junghans BO-UK I was the cockpit clock of all WW 2 german fighters and bombers, her are some of them
1960 NaBo 17615 ETACal
TWEMCO Calender Clock BQ-38 Gray BQ-38 20,900 209 2,200 22 HMT 101357 21,800 218 HMT 20,700
Breitling AB0117131C1A1
Rotating bezel with graduations from 0-60 marked in luminous paint
While obviously hindering split-second
5 mm in diameter, with the entire unit measuring 61 mm x 81 mm x 38
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